Friday, July 1, 2011

End of the year

I had been out for seventeen nights in a row --- end of school year stuff. Good-bye parties, graduation parties, see you soon parties, end of year PTO meetings. Endless. Couldn't wait to stay home one night and just relax. Watch a little TV, read a book, even do some bills. So guess what? I've been home for three nights in a row and I am going stir crazy!! What gives?

I think it's the transition period that happens at the end of every school year. We're going, going, going not stop. And then we're finally, really gone. Even though we think we need to slow down and take a break, it's a let down after all the hoopla, all the commotion. In a few weeks, I know everything will settle into a predictable busy routine. But right now I just feel a little at loose ends...looking forward once again to a few night out!