Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost done

So the kitchen is almost done and in a word it is --- wait for it --- anticlimactic! Who knew? After contemplating a kitchen redo for 10-plus years I thought I would feel something. Euphoric. Excited. At least pleased. But "anticlimactic" is not one of the words I thought would come to mind.

Understand, I am very pleased with the results. The kitchen looks great: the granite is perfect. The paint color is just right. The appliances are all shiny and new and clean. And it does all that we hoped it would do: the new wood floors don't show the dirt; the dishwasher actually cleans the dishes; and the new pantry is now stocked with food instead of unopened mail, last week's newspaper, and the occasional leftover bag of pretzels.

All is efficient and pleasant. So, what's wrong? Nothing. Maybe it's just the human condition rearing it's ugly head once again. We want and want. And get and get. And then we want more. Ahh the neverending consumer cycle!